Dry Closet Project

New Biocide Dry Toilet with Hygienic Facilities

News Summer 2015

A show presenting the FP7 European project Demo-Drycloset between 2013/2015. This project deals with the development of 3 public dry toilet products: one adapted for high frequentation like on highways, one with several cabins and easily movable and a kit - Click the image to see the video.

Drycloset project

Team dry closetWater is essential for life: it affects human life and humans affect the water cycle. Every year, approximately 16 km3 of water are flushed out in conventional flushing toilets. In the majority of the cases, it is drinking water which is used in flushing toilets. This water must be treated in water-treatment plants before discharged in the environment. Moreover, approximately 20 millions European haven’t safe sanitation in Europe, particularly in Eastern Europe. In such area, there are dry rudimentary toilets as pit latrines.

The use of DryCloset can save up to 40 litres per capita/day. But most of these systems present several shortcomings, such as unpleasant odours and the necessary manual manipulation of latrine waste. In source separation dry toilets, another problem is the struvite precipitation in pipes.

Objectives of the Demo Drycloset Project

Based on the prototype realised during the Drycloset Research Project (256295-1), the objective of the current project is to design three different marketable products :

1. The Drytoilet Kit: this model is to be shipped oversea and easy to assemble.

2. The truck integrating drytoilets (compact drytoilets integrated in a mobile truck) will be use for military, emergency and public situations.

3. The Drycloset “Massive” is a prototype for highly frequented places, especially highway service areas.

For more information about drycloset : www.sanisphere-fr.com



The research leading to these results
has received funding from the European
Union´s Seventh Framework Programme
managed by REA-Research Executive
Agency http://ec.europa.eu/reseach/rea
([FP7/2007-2013][FP7/2007-2011]) undergrant agreement nº [256295]